Henrietta and Ava

I want to tell you about my girls, Henrietta and Ava. Henrietta is the plant I took from my boss. Actually, I took a pot with some dirt with a brown twig sticking out of it, from my boss. In my office is a small kitchenette with a sink, microwave, cabinets and dorm refrigerator. My … More Henrietta and Ava

I Have A Pink Sofa

If you follow me on any other social media platforms, you are now tired of hearing about this sofa. But if you don’t follow me… let me tell you about it!!! All my life I’ve wanted things that were too expensive or impractical. Impractical because I’ve had a dog since I graduated high school. For … More I Have A Pink Sofa

Minimalist Curious

I just added a new board on Pintrest, “Minimalist Curious”. The truth is I am more then curious.  I have no sense of organization and I am not really sure how to clean. My mother blames herself. Whenever she visits me she says, “It’s my fault. I never taught you how to clean.”  My first … More Minimalist Curious