The O.W.L.’s

In October 2018 I started a new job. It was a part-time job (with full-time benefits) for a convention company. I was hired to be the exhibit manager. I was interview by Gwyn, the convention manager. Once I walked out of the office I knew one things. This is my job! I was hired in … More The O.W.L.’s

my 2017 goal

Yeah, that’s right.  I only have one goal for 2017.  Don’t judge me.  I know you are thinking, “she has waaaaay more to work on in her life than just one thing.”  You are 100% correct.  However, I am a point in my life that I no longer feel the need to lie to myself or … More my 2017 goal

sister love

I have two sisters, Shannon (pictured with sunglasses on her head) and Toria.  I also have 3 brother, but I don’t want to talk about them right now.  Both of my sisters are younger than me by several years.  Shannon just turned 30 in May, Toria is 34 and I am 42. We didn’t grow … More sister love