Blackberry and Mom

My name is Blackberry’s Mom.  Not really, my name is Tracy.  Blackberry is my fur baby.  She is a Pekineses-Yorkie mix .  We live in Memphis, TN and we love it!  Memphis is well known for Barbecue and Blues.  I happen to love both.  But the barbecue I eat is vegan.  You read that correctly, I only eat vegan barbecue… and everything else.  Here at Blackberry’s Mom you will get to see most of the foods I eat.  Some of the foods I will make myself, whether the recipe is my own creation, cookbook review or product review of vegan convenience foods.  I also like to eat out a lot and I will always show you that.  Eating out can be challenging for a vegan in the barbecue capital, especially since I am the only vegan I know.  I love a good challenge, don’t you?!  Every time I eat out I will share it with you.

I believe food is passion, art and most of all love.  I don’t just write about my food, I will always tell you a story.  So follow Blackberry and I along.  You will not be disappointed.

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