Minimalist Challenge | Day 1 | March 2021

Hello Beautiful Blogger Friends!!

Nice to meet you πŸ’•

My name is Tracy Deanne. I am currently single (dating) with no children. I live in Nashville, TN and I love it. In 2020 my doctors discovered a multiple tumors right ovary. One of them was the size of a grapefruit. In September 2020, I had an embolization and I am feeling much better now! Thank you so much for following my blog and being patient with me as I heal. You are appreciated.

Now that I am getting better I realized how much I need to change things in my life. I’ve always known that, but I just wasn’t doing my best. If you follow my YouTube channel I talked about this in my Winter Blues video. As I go through my days “doing nothing” I realized it is time for another declutter. No better time than to start now.

This… tree, plant, dΓ©cor thing…. was a gift when I moved into this apartment 5 years ago. People that love me always buy me home dΓ©cor because my home is really simple and minimal. They are just trying to help, but it is never my aesthetic. So today I am letting it go.


Tracy Deanne

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