Groceries from Amazon

I thought it was very interesting when Amazon bought Whole Foods. Don’t get me wrong, I shop with Amazon for many, many things. I started with books. Do you remember when Amazon was mostly books?

Some items from Amazon Whole Foods

Recently I’ve added groceries to that. It is so nice to have delicious, plant based and vegan foods delivered to my door. If you order $35 or more, there is no delivery fee. It also allows for a tip. I am very grateful to have this service and like to tip as much as I can, but still remain in budget.

Fresh Cut Watermelon

There are two options for groceries. Amazon Fresh and Amazon Whole Foods. The $35 total with no delivery fee applies to both. I can easily get what I want from either or both. This particular week I spent a total of $106 total from both.

Rosemary Sourdough Bread topped with Avocado & Tomato. The other piece is topped with Kite Hill vegan Cream Cheese w/Chives.

This insured me delicious food for two weeks. I always spend more than that at Trader Joe’s. I find that I don’t browse or purchase things not on my list. This way I remain in my $50 per week budget.

Rice and Black Beans with Cucumber, Yellow Tomato, Green Onion & Cilantro.

It has been a delicious two weeks.


Tracy Deanne

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