A Few Things I Ate This Week

Slow, simple days mean I have more time to make good foods for myself. This is one of the greatest ways to show self-love.

Slow Saturdays call for pancakes. I used Bisquick, vanilla, and almond milk. Topped with fresh banana and agave nectar. My best friend called me after I posted these on Instagram. Ha! I love when she does that.

Monday was blazing! Nashville has really been heating up. Acai bowl topped with hemp seeds, kiwi, almond butter, coconut chips and granola hit all the right spots.

Pizza Toast sounds better than “open faced sandwich”. Vegan Italian sausage cooked in red sauce on toast with nutritional yeast, pickled red onion and jalapenos. Yum!

Everyday is a good day for a green salad. I’ve been eating a bunch of these. Butter lettuce, cucumber, tomato, red beets, olives and balsamic dressing.

Pasta and broccoli is a staple!

What did you eat this week?


Tracy Deanne

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