Simple Joys

As life changes, I’ve felt a calm and peace in the simple joys.

Polishing my own nails has always been so much fun for me. Even though I’ve worn acrylics in the past, I love changing my polish once or twice a week. Polishing my nails demands stillness. It requires me to pay attention to myself and allows me to stop. It is almost impossible to multitask while polishing my nails. Only allowing me to watch a show or talk to a friend. It is my favorite simple joy.

I really love physical books. I love the library and Nashville is FULL of public libraries! Because of the pandemic, the libraries have been closed, cutting me off from one of my favorite past times. One day I discovered OneDrive. It is the audio book system at the public library. WHAT???!!! I have been averaging one book every two – three days. It keeps my home from being so quite while I sit at my dinning table working. I’ve also been able to listen to books that have been on my list for years, like The 5 Love Languges. That book is amazing. Audio books also keep me from bringing clutter to my home.

Lately I’ve been loving simple foods. Grits with sausage, mixed berry smoothie, toast topped with avocado or chickpea salad and loaded sweet potato fries. Cooking for myself has always been a simple joy. I still remember the first time my mother taught me to fry an egg. From then on I’ve loved cooking. Having a taste in mind and creating a food for that exact taste is a beautiful thing.

What are your simple joys?


Tracy Deanne

3 thoughts on “Simple Joys

  1. I’ve beejnlpvojg the simple pleasures of life lately too. Reading or listening to audio books, simple makeup, simple meals, walking, meditation, and being creative in whatever way I need to be that day. Love the post.

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