100 Item Minimalism Challenge

I’d been collecting things in the corner of the living room for several weeks. So on Saturday afternoon I decided to film all of the things I’ve been collecting for my YouTube channel. Of course I had to share it with you too.

1 very large Christmas Tree

2 string lights for the Christmas Tree

42 Christmas ornaments

1 Christmas tree topper

4 hanging wall ornaments

3 decorative towels

4 picture frames

3 decorative mirrors

1 bath mat

1 front door mat

2 decorative pumpkins

1 witch candle stick holder

3 tshirts

1 dress

1 skirt

1 raincoat

4 Busters restuarant play cards

8 pair of earrings

1 coin purse

1 small mirror

5 inspiration stones

1 decorative bowl

8 rolls of washi tape

1 A5 planner

100 items discarded. Ya know, it feels like nothing. Don’t get me wrong, it is an improvement. I just know I can do more. Starting this week I’ll take my time and go from room to room. Up first… the bathroom. Pray for me & stay tuned.


Tracy Deanne

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