#nailsoftheweek| Mojito Please

I love polishing my own nails. It saves me money and I like to change the color twice a week. I have a shelf on my bathroom wall that is designed to hold 100 bottles of nail polishes. It was made by the men of the carpenters shop at my last job in Memphis. I don’t have 100 bottles yet, but it is my goal.

I love LAW Beauty Essentials!!

My current favorite brand is LAW Beauty Essentials. It reminds me of OPI, but vegan, cruelty-free and toxin free. As we are in March, I plan to wear some version of green each week. This Mojito Please by LAW seemed the perfect fit to start the month. The website describes it as “bright pastel mint green”. I agree.

Mojito, Please

LAW has a beautiful, but small range of colors. It glides on easily and is long wearing. The square bottle and lid was a concern at first, but the cap slides off to reveal an easy to handle brush. Please read the instructions if you choose to order.

Also, this brand is black female owned!


Tracy Deanne

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