In & Out | February 2020

Last month I showed a lot of “in”. This month I am going to share only “out”. Hopefully in March I’ll magically became a real blogger and show both.


My friend Jeanine and I went back to Michael’s. I really wanted this sticker album to hold my random stickers. It was a great purchase. I have been combining all of my little planner stickers in one place. It is neat, minimal, saves time and makes planning much more fun.



Last month I picked up two dresses from Ross. So I decided to let go of these two shirts. I received some Christmas gifts, I am letting go of the gift bags. I don’t give physical gifts anymore. I share experiences or my time for the people in my life. Some shoes that are just too flat for me.

The colors in my home are pink, black and white. The colorful decor no longer serves me.

Gift bags and Shoes
Colorful Home Decor… NOPE!

For some reason my coworkers have been giving me things. I think because of Christmas they could not control themselves. I received some nail polish from Julia. Actually I love nail polish. She doesn’t know or doesn’t care that I only use cruelty-free, vegan and a minimum of 5 free polishes.

Gift from Dad.

My dad sent me some Victoria’s Secret (I don’t shop there anymore) lotion and body spray for Christmas. The lotion had a light vanilla scent and didn’t clash with my own essence, so I kept it. The body spray, however, was very strong and smelled heavily of alcohol. Lately I’ve been wearing a green beauty perfume, so the VS was just too much for me.

All items donated to the Goodwill.


Tracy Deanne

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