Henrietta and Ava

I want to tell you about my girls, Henrietta and Ava. Henrietta is the plant I took from my boss. Actually, I took a pot with some dirt with a brown twig sticking out of it, from my boss. In my office is a small kitchenette with a sink, microwave, cabinets and dorm refrigerator. My boss would bring Henrietta from her office to mine, water the pot of dirt and leave it in the sink for days until I would return her to the office. It was a very strange and weird game we played. I was new at my job and was still being quiet, so I just played the game.

Henrietta first week at home.

Until one day I requested to take the pot of dirt off her hands. She enthusiastically agreed. I asked Linda, the office green thumb, to help me as I had never revived a plant. We found a new pot, but needed soil. So I went to the Dollar General and got some fresh soil. I’ll be honest here and tell you had never had my hands in dirt before. I was very upset Linda didn’t have any gloves. Linda is a very patient person and that works well for me. She just smiled and said I would be okay without gloves. We found a huge serving spoon and re-potted the brown twig. We added lots of water and left her in the window of Linda’s office over the weekend. Tuesday when I got back to work, Linda thought we should add a little more dirt, as it had settled over the 72 hours. We also added more water.

Henrietta thriving.

One month later Henrietta turned into a beautiful, happy, thriving and well adjusted lady plant. I then asked by boss if I could take her home and keep her. Again, she enthusiastically agreed. Henrietta sprouted so many leaves, I cut one off.

Ava with a selenite stick

Linda said to add the new piece I cut to a cup of water. Of course I used a red Solo cup. Ha! It took the cut off a few months to root. I was very impatient through this time and would discuss the lack of growth with Linda weekly. Did I tell you that Linda is extremely patient? She sweetly smiled at me each week and told me it would take some, but she knew it would root.

She’s so beautiful!!!

And she did! We used the Dollar General potting soil and added her to a pot on her own. Now she sits in the windowsill of my bedroom. I love them both so much! They have given me so much joy, make my apartment feel like home and taught me a great deal about patience (Linda too).

Oh… Henrietta is named after Henrietta Lacks and Ava is named after Ava Duvernay.


Tracy Deanne

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