In & Out | January 2020

Just in case you are wondering… I am still de-cluttering!

January was a bit of a blur. I was traveling and had a few other issues. I didn’t do a great job at the “one in/one out” rule I have adopted, but I am starting where I am. Here is January as far as I can remember.


How great are these books?!!

A bottle of wine, 2 vegan cookbooks, a book on how to write a cookbook and two t-shirts. All Christmas gifts from my friends Jeanine and Courtney. I am at the point where I request no gifts, but some people are not comfortable with that and I understand. Because these gifts were so thoughtful and are in align with my goals, it was okay.

One of my sticker books from Michael’s

I also went to Michael’s and picked up a few planner stickers. This was a very intentional purchase. I needed stickers for Black History and Women’s History Month. I have started filming planning videos for my YouTube Channel. The same day we went to Ross and I found 2 dresses. These were intentional pieces as well. Blue is the color of my spring capsule wardrobe, so I wanted some pieces for that. Next was Burlington coat Factory. I had not been there in many, many years. I found the perfect picture for my bathroom. Also, some new towels. Very much need.


I honestly don’t remember and I didn’t document it. But stay tuned for February. There is a lot of “letting go” going on over there.


Tracy Deanne

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