In My Planner |the first week of February

Last Thursday was my last day at my second job. I have worked two jobs for two years now. In September 2017 I took Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. My accountability partner strongly suggested I make more money. A raise on my one job was not an options, so I had to obtain additional work. During the two years, I did exactly what I was supposed to do. I paid down my debt.

The company recently cut my hours. I was really confused and lost by this, because I had really begun to rely on this additional income. However, around the same time I realized my body was slowing down. Every month since October I have been missing work from both jobs during my menstrual cycle. The pain and exhaustion could no longer be ignored. So I turned in my 2 weeks notice.

I saw the doctor and had an ultrasound this week. They found 4 fibroid tumors and something called adenomyosis. The “plan” is to slow down, rest, cook, take long walks, do yoga and allow my body to heal. I will take the advice of my doctors for treatment, but the other things surly will not hurt.


Tracy Deanne

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