Minimalist Challenge – Day 1

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you will remember a few post about minimalism in the past. It is a concept that has interested me since I heard of it. It is not like my vegan experience. I wanted no part of being vegan. I loved (and still miss) hot wings!! But the first time I heard of minimalism I wanted to know more. I have read many books and watched a bunch of YouTube videos on the subject. I think what appeals to me most is simple living and only owning what you love. I love nail polish and have no desire to only own 1 bottle. I have a shelf that is designed to hold 100 bottles and that is still my goal. I learned from reading The Life Changing of Tyding Up that is perfectly fine if it is what I love and have a place for them. I also love planning, but had way too much and it stopped bringing me joy, so I am currently on a planning no spend. Not adding to my planning collection has brought my love and joy of back.

Based on all the books I’ve read, Podcast I’ve listed to and YouTube videos I’ve watched, The Minimalist Challenge is where I have landed. Letting go of a number of items based on the date. 1 item on the 1st, 13 items on the 13th and so on. Today seems just as good as any day to start.

Lord have mercy… this little orange gift bag has resided on my bedroom doorknob for two weeks. This does not go with the all pink apartment I have. It was filed with goodies from my second job. I put the items in the bag away the moment I got home, but alas, I had no idea what to do with the bag itself. Why didn’t I just throw it away that day… I don’t know. It’s gone now.


Tracy Deanne

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