Eating Vegan @ | Cori’s Dog House

I eat lunch out every payday Friday. Not sure why I do that, other than I feel I deserve it after working two jobs all week. Last Friday Jonnda asked what I was having for “payday lunch”. I’d been thinking something in walking distance, but since she asked (I knew she would drive) I decided on Cori’s Dog House.

I’d never been before, but Jonnda had gone with a friend a few months ago and loved it. The menu is huge and I knew it had vegan options. From my understanding they make all of their own sausage, including the two vegan options.

After reading the menu, I settled on Vegan Italian Sausage – Jersey Italian style. First off I was shocked by my price. $5.45 USD for the sandwich and a cup of water. Jonnda wanted fries and said I could share hers.

When my name was called to pick up my sandwich I thought it was beautiful. Once I picked it up to eat it I became concerned the bun was covered in real butter. Jonnda asked the manager and he said it was soy based. COOL!! Let’s Eat!

The sandwich was so good you guys. I was eating and talking about the next time I could go back.

I’m not sure of all the locations, but do yourself a favor and look them up.


Tracy Deanne

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