In My Planner | Erin Condren

It’s been a long time since I’ve shared my Erin Condren. Mostly because it’s my memory planner and my focus has been productivity. Well, it’s time to start thinking about my 2020 Planner Lineup. Being on a “planner no spend” has greatly restricted my choices. I am by no means complaining, this no spend is my own doing. It simply means I must be more creative.

I told you last week how much I love my ring bound planners and I was practicing using a horizontal layout. Well… I got some wonderful news this week on my second job. We have two new employees and I will no longer be required to work weekends!!! Can I be honest for just a moment. I had to fight back tears. As I am typing this I am holding back tears. I AM SO HAPPY!! The level of tired I’ve been is inexplicable. Thank you God.

That little news changed the way I will plan next year. I can now spend more time with my hobby, Social Media. I can write more blog post, go live on Instagram more often and film more YouTube videos. More YouTube for sure, as a few brands have been reaching out to me. I have been brain storming since I got the wonderful news. I feel I need a social media planner. I think the horizontal layout of my A5 will be the perfect social media planner.

So, this week I made my plans for the week in my Erin Condren. In my wisdom, I choose an 18 month planner. This means I will not have to break my no spend to purchase a new planner. I loved having all the space for full boxes and decorations. I am using the bottom to track my blood pressure morning and evening.

This week was the prefect time to try this out because I only work the second job one day. I love the white space and the room to track all that I want. Also, I am using the monthly view to track my memories. I’ll share that later.


Tracy Deanne

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