I Have A Pink Sofa

If you follow me on any other social media platforms, you are now tired of hearing about this sofa. But if you don’t follow me… let me tell you about it!!!

All my life I’ve wanted things that were too expensive or impractical. Impractical because I’ve had a dog since I graduated high school. For some reason dogs don’t like nice things. Too expensive because I never knew how to budget or spend money.

When I moved to Nashville I told my Cousin Pam I wanted my entire apartment to be pink and navy blue. She said, “you want your bedroom and bathroom pink and navy blue?” No Pam!! THE ENTIRE APARTMENT!! She told me she felt that was impractical, “especially with Blackberry”. She was correct. Now that Blackberry lives a much better life in Memphis with Cousin Paula, it is no longer impractical. And because I am learning to budget and live within my means, it is no longer too expensive.

Last month I typed “pink sofa sleeper” into Google. The most beautiful pink sofa sleeper popped up. I just knew it was over $1000.00 USD. But I clicked on it anyway. “Target?”, I said to myself. “How much could it be at Target?” $528.00. “WHAT?!!” I can afford that! Just save a little and at the end of the month, this baby could be mine.

Picture from Target.com

I showed Jonnda (cowork/new best friend) this picture. She was more excited than I was. I sent the picture to Cousin Paula (Blackberry’s new mom) and she was super excited too. They both asked me the same questions. “Did you get it?” Uhmmm… no. Both, “why not?” I haven’t saved for it. “Do you have the money?”, again both. Yes. Still both, “Why didn’t you buy it?” Honestly, that is exactly how the conversation went with both of them. Sidenote, their birthdays are one day apart. Paula’s is August 28th and Jonnda’s is August 29th.

After sleeping on it one night… I bought the sofa. I’ve had it exactly one week today and I still shed happy tears when I walk in my door at home.

My Apartment

This is more than a pink sofa. This is prayer, dedication, hard work and dreams happening all at the same time. I am so grateful to God and Dave Ramsey for helping me see how valuable I am. That I can have anything I pray and work for.


Tracy Deanne

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