In My Planner | a week in September

September is gonna be busy.

Have I ever told you what I do for work?! In case I haven’t… I am an exhibit manager. We put on conferences for one area of academia. Boiled down, there are 20,000 members of this association and we are responsible for their annual conference, and all the other small ones too. This requires me to travel a few times a year. Well, September marks four months until our annual meeting and it is registration month. We are expecting 14,000 to come. I am responsible for the exhibitors (vendors) as my main task. There are several other task as well.

Because the month is going to be so busy, I made sure to keep it cool and simple the first week of the month. Labor Day is Monday and I am hosting my friends. This has me super excited. Tuesday is my pink soda delivery!!

I only work my second job once this week. That will change drastically in the following weeks. I am taking Friday off. Michelle and I are going to an Art Crawl on Saturday. Sunday we will do our usual one hour hike. Phew! That hike is NO JOKE!!

My main focus is always to keep my home tidy. At the same time I am constantly decluttering. Reading and hydrating are also important this week.

I’ve been slacking my meds and vitamins, so I have added my habit tracker to help.

What do you have going on this week?


Tracy Deanne

planner is Carpe Diem:

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