My Pintrest Bedroom Dream Came True

I am one of those vegan, love is love, hippie, smoothie drinking people. I really, really am. I believe it has been in me all the time, because it was so easy for me to flow this way. Once I stopped resisting and became truly who I am, everything I wanted has start to come my way.

Several years ago I wrote some blog post about my minimalist curiosity. I decluttered my bathroom, bedroom, makeup and jewelry. That was all when I lived in Memphis. My goal, when I moved to Nashville, was to leave it all behind and start over. But, the budget did not agree with me. I dragged way more than I wanted here to Nashville.

I have spend the last two years learning how to get out of debt and learning to budget. As the debt falls away the more of a minimalist I become. I have a Pintrest board titled Minimalist Bedroom. It is mostly neutrals with pops of pinks. Some blues, but out of the 50 photos, they are mostly pink.

Here is my bedroom today. Y’all, I am so happy I could cry. Actually, I did cry happy tears a little. I am so proud of myself for believing in me and creating the Minimalist Bedroom of my Pintrest dreams with no resistance or really effort. It was all natural and organic. And of equal importance, it was all within my $571 budget. I have $60 left that will go onto the sofa of my Pintrest dreams. Stay tuned…


Tracy Deanne

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