Happy Book Lovers Day

There are way too many obscure holidays in the United States. My conspiracy is Hallmark started all of it. With that being said this is a post about an obscure holiday, Book Lovers Day. Google states it was created in 1995.

I have always loved books! When I was a little girl, my mother would bring me to the Cherokee Library in Memphis, TN. I would go when the librarian read books to the kids and always check one or two books out. You had to sign a card back then. Now I just scan my card and not talk to a librarian at all. Sad times.

Just as much as a I love books, I love authors. I love the brain and the creativity of the person who puts their words out into the world. Every time I get the chance to meet an author, I do.

My first signed by the author book was One Night by Eric Jerome Dickey. I had read many of his books before meeting him. It was April 24, 2015. I know that because he added the date to the signature. The next book is Between a Rock and a Hot Mess by Phyllis Bourne. I meet her at my very first planner meet up here in Nashville. She was a kindred spirit. At our second planner meet up I paid her for the book and she mailed it to me signed. My third book is Heart for Sale by Melissa Smith. Melissa is my co-worker. It is a book of poems and I love it. Rachel Cruz is the author of Love Your Life, Not Theirs. She gave me the book and signed it when I was a guest on her show. I offered to pay, but she wouldn’t let me. My fifth book is My Sister the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite. I was a pure joy meeting her. Which was last week.

I am so grateful to anyone who is brave enough to put their words in the world. So to all the book lovers and authors… Happy Book Lovers Day!


Tracy Deanne

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