In My Planner | August 2019

It is amazing how much there is to do. I often wonder, “Am I busy for the sake of being busy.” Then I go from my day job to my night job and realize I am really busy.

Carpe Diem A5 size planner, using Paper and Glam inserts and dividers. It all comes together with the INSPIRED doll from Goldmine and Coco.

Wanting to become debt free before I leave my second job keeps me busy. It’s okay… for now. At 45 years old, I don’t not have this second job in my long-term plan. But I have it for now.

First half of August

I am scheduled to work every Tuesday, Thursday and one Friday a month at my second job. I usually only mark that schedule in my monthly view. That is because I also work one weekend a month. Yeah, I am really busy. Ha!

The plan is to go to a family dinner with my friend Jonnda on Tuesday the 13th. Jonnda is my coworker and her sister invited me to their family’s dinner. I thought that was super nice, especially because I only met her on July 4th.

Second half of August

There are lots of birthdays in August also. I don’t even have two of them marked here. Jonnda’s birthday is the same as my brother Eric’s and Julia’s (my other coworker) is the 21st. I mark my coworkers, because as you can tell by the little dinner story, they are family.

So cheers to a busy and productive August. I Am Ready!


Tracy Deanne

You can find Paper and Glam here. Use code TRACYSPLAN for a 20% savings on your first order.

You can find Goldmine and Coco here. Use code TRACYSPLAN for a 15% savings on all stickers.

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