Almost Does Count

One of my favorite songs is by the R&B singer Brandy. Almost Doesn’t Count. It is about love and loss. But that is a sentiment shared by many. Almost Doesn’t Cont. I think it does. Here is why.

My first budget with Travis in October 2017.

My debt had been my greatest prayer for many years. Not just in 2016 and 2017. I remember praying the hardest in 2001 when I was in the hospital for 11 days with no medical insurance. I had major surgery and lots of test. That is when I prayed without ceasing. As you can see, I have been praying for years.

of the first budget.

I heard about Dave Ramsey from a coworker about 5 years ago. I’d tried piecing together the information I’d heard from his radio show and YouTube channel. It was not working. So in September of 2017 I started Financial Peace University. It was the first time I understood how important budgeting was. Not just for getting out of debt, but for leaving.

I started budgeting with, my accountability partner, Travis. He insisted I get a second job, so I did. It was hard and I was always tired. Budgeting was the real answer though. Because honestly this is not the first time I worked two jobs. But this is the first time it made a difference.

Last credit card paid in full.

I will never be able to describe the weight that has been lifted from having only one debt left. I feel like I can fly. I feel as if there is no challenge in my life I can’t tackle. I believe that every goal I set I will accomplish. I am so much stronger than I ever gave myself credit for. I am so grateful.

I paid my car off 3 months early.

Love, Tracy!

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