Planning a New Life

That is the title of the Pintrest board where I share my planning obsession. A little over a year ago I wrote a blog post called “Tracy Has A Plan“. It was my way if introducing you to my hobby and passion. I wrote that post while living in Memphis, TN. I have since moved to Nashville.

Paper and Glam is one of my favorite sticker shops.
Code TRACYSPLAN will save you 20% on your first order.

I use the word “obsession” because it feels that way out of sheer necessity. In 2018 started the journey to become debt free. In the course of that journey it became clear I needed more income by way of a second job. If I didn’t have that planner or knew how to plan, I believe I would have failed. Planning with stickers, washi tapes or anything else is not necessary, but it sure is fun. I even matched some shoes I was buying with one of my planners.

This is my Kikki K A5 planner. It was gift from my friend Courtney.

I could actually use a notebook and a pen to plan, but I have to plan. Because of my planners I was able to work 60-70 hours a week, pay off all but one debt, find 2 different jobs and travel back to Memphis a few times. It kept me sane.

Now that I only work about 38 hours a week, I need to get my WHOLE life together. I am jumping back on the “magic of tiding up” bandwagon. I am using my planner to keep me accountable and on task.

Do you plan?



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