New Year, New Job, New City

Last March I made the decision to look for a new job.  The job I had was good, but I really felt I could do better.  I searched for months in Memphis.  I only found one job that I was remotely interested in, but it did not work out.  I told you all in a previous post that my cousin moved to Nashville in October.  During one of our many conversations she stated her new company was looking for additional help and I should apply for a position.  I did.  I had an interview and I knew immediately I did not want to work for that company.  But it got me to thinking about other opportunities in Nashville.  Man-oh-man were there other opportunities in Nashville!!  I applied for about 50 positions throughout the city.  28 of which were at Vanderbilt University.  I interviewed with 3 departments.  The first two did not work out.  Just when I was about to get discouraged, the HR rep contacted me.  “Tracy, your resume has come across my desk 3 times.  I think I have finally found the job for you.”  O-kay…

My drive home on West End Ave

She was absolutely correct.  She found the “the” job for me.  I love what I do and I love the department I do it for.

Moving to a new city required a new home.  I found an apartment I really liked, signed the lease, got the key, packed all of my belongings and drove to my new home.  Opened the door to find trash and filth every where.  It was a stressful and tiring ordeal.  I was able to recoup all of my money, but not my time and energy.  My sweet coworker Debra called the apartments she lives in and found one available.  That move was much more smooth, and it is a much better apartment.

During the second moving process I pulled something in my body.  It has caused me an extreme amount of pain.  I am currently on the mend and have not fully enjoyed my new home or city.  However, I am confident with a little TLC I will be better soon.

Stay tuned…


Blackberry’s Mom

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