eating vegan @ | Sunflower Cafe in Nashville, Tn

In October my cousin Paula moved from Memphis, TN to Nashville, TN.  Nashville is about 200 miles east of Memphis.  It takes around 3 hours in a car depending on highway patrol.  Since October I have been to Nashville 5 times.  In the past I had only traveled to Nashville once or twice a year.  Because Paula is my best friend, that has changed.

I started researching vegan restaurants on Instagram, that’s my new Google.  Sunflower Cafe came up more than any other restaurant.  So they were at the top of my list of placed to try.  Shortly after I discovered them on Instagram they Tweeted me.  Whaaaaaat???!!!  How did they know I was stalking them?  They asked me about my favorite food.  This has always been and will always be Mexican.  They suggested the Southwest Salad.

Vegan BBQ Sandwich at Sunflower Cafe in Nashville, Tn

It took a little longer than a few weeks before I made it back to Nashville, but Sunflower Cafe was on  my to do list.  I fully intended on getting the Southwest Salad before getting to the restaurant, but opted for the Vegan BBQ Sandwich instead.  Do you see this sandwich (above)???  It is a beast!  Holy Crap you guys, it was truly delicious!  I have been thinking about it ever since I left.  The bbq sauce was sweet and spicy, the coleslaw was creamy and not wet.  What a great addition of the salad greens and tomatoes.  I had never had a bbq sandwich like this as a meat eater.  Let me tell you, this was the most enjoyable bbq sandwich I have ever had!  Because I have not had a bbq sandwich as a vegan, the memory of fat and gristle came to my mind.  I quit enjoyed not eating meat for this meal.  This was so much better for so many reasons.  No pigs harmed, flavor and southern goodness all on one plate.

Vegan mean at Sunflower Cafe in Nashville, Tn

I added potato salad on the side.  I did not enjoy this as much.  Not because of flavor, I was expecting it to be bland and tasteless, it was full of flavor.  It was all about texture for me.  The potatoes were not cooked to my liking.  That is more about personal preference.  I don’t remember the exact name of my chocolate/oatmeal-cookie-thing, but I am certainly trying to recreate it for myself until my next visit.  Overall I give them 5 stars!! Great taste, great atmosphere and great service.

Make sure when you are in the Nashville area you pay them a visit.  You will not be disappointed.


Blackberry’s Mom


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