my 2017 goal

Yeah, that’s right.  I only have one goal for 2017.  Don’t judge me.  I know you are thinking, “she has waaaaay more to work on in her life than just one thing.”  You are 100% correct.  However, I am a point in my life that I no longer feel the need to lie to myself or others.  You are are others.  

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I have suffered with High Blood Pressure for about 6 years now.  Every time I go into the doctors I am giving a new prescription with a higher dosage.  This has been going on for 6 years!  My visit on November 18, 2016 was no different.  My BP was 151/90.  I asked my doctor if some people were healthy and just have high BP.  “No Tracy.  That was a nice try though.”  Ha!  She was not having it.  She had her nurse schedule me for an echo-cardiogram to make sure my heart was okay.  This really pissed me off.  Not because she scheduled the appointment, but the whole thing!  I mean I was really angry!

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I took my anger and started researching ways to lower my blood pressure naturally.  No surprise every article I read suggested a plant based diet.  Only 2 suggested adding meats, pork tenderloin and tilapia.  Of course I will not be added those two.  But I found it interesting that beans and quinoa have more calcium, potassium and magnesium than the animal products.

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I know for a fact my stress level is through the roof!  I started taking yoga in 2015, but I had slacked quit a bit lately.  This is why I only have one goal this year.  I truly believe focusing on a lower blood pressure would take care of any other issue I may have in my life.  That is my Goal For 2017, lower my blood pressure.


Blackberry’s Mom

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