Tracy Has A Plan

A few years ago I watched a YouTube video by Belinda Selene.  She was planning her week in a day planner.  She used washi tape, stickers and stamps to plan the week.  At first I was confused as to what she was doing with all the stickers and stuff.  However, I could not stop watching the video.  I went through her channel and watched all her “plan with me” videos.  It was so calming and relaxing.  I began to watch other “plan with me” videos, they had the same effect.  I thought to myself, “If they are this calming to watch, what would happen if I planned this way?”


I have always been a huge fan of planners, so I didn’t have to go out and buy one.  That year I had two.  I started off just using stickers.  It was wonderful planning this way.  It was calming, relaxing and a huge way to dump my brain.  I became hooked.  But because I was 39 years old, I kept my planning a secret.  I didn’t tell my best friends or anyone else.  I felt I was too old to enjoy this so much.


As my current job got more stressful, the more I planned.  I added a few more planners, using each for a different task.  But essentially the same reason; to de-stress!!


I started seeing Instagram pages, blogs and YouTube channels by women my age or older.  There are hundreds of women with this hobby.  This year I stared to share my creations.  I created a separate Instagram page called @tracy_has_a_plan.  The love and support of the planner community is like non-other.  I love being apart of this and am ashamed it took me so long to open up.


This was just a little post to tell you that living life out loud is the only way to live!!



Blackberry’s Mom

3 thoughts on “Tracy Has A Plan

  1. Thank you, Tracy. I’ve been wondering when the “planner-sticker-hobby life” started and how I missed out. I have always loved buying planners, but never fully used them as well as I would have liked. Then I found out about that “planner life” and (thanks to Michael’s Black Friday sale @ $9.99 for their spiral Recollections planners) a few planner purchases later, I’m looking forward to growing in the hobby and life-calming task of planning. Keep us posted, and thanks again!


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