Memphis Blogger Event

This past Friday night was the very first Memphis Blogger Event.  This event was put on by Gizelle Anderson of Blueprint Black Ink.  She feels that bloggers in other cities have major networks of collaborators and Memphis should too.  I couldn’t agree more.

It was held at the Memphis Fashion Design Network.  A pretty cool building!  I have never really been into fashion, but this space may have just changed that.

Sweet Treats from Muddy’s Bake Shop and Philip Ash

Before heading to the event I stoppled by the Wine Market for my favorite bottle of Merlot. We started with sweet treats from Muddy’s Bake Shop and Philip Ashley Chocolates.  I love the fact that they we got to support local business.

Goodie Bags!
Memphis Bloggers (Photo Cred:Gizelle Anderson)

It was so wonderful to be among the best in Memphis bloggers.  I felt like a fraud in this group of beautiful, talented and accomplished women.  But I am truly grateful to have met all of them.  I am sure their genus will rub off on me.

That’s me with the beautiful Savvy Sunflower

I can’t wait for the next event!!


Blackberry’s Mom

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