Milani Cosmetics Primer and Foundation Review

Foundations are the hardest part of makeup.  It is brutal out here!  Too pink, too yellow.  Too oily, too matte.  Too expensive!  Not cruelty free.  Milani Cosmetics is one of my favorite drugstore brands.  They are a cruelty free company with lots of vegan options.  Earlier this year they came out with a new line of liquid foundations.  I finally decided to give them a try.


I had previously purchased the Prime Shield Face Primer.  It is supposed to mattify and minimize pores.  It did not work for me with the foundation I was using, so I decided to give it another try with the Milani Foundation.  Still a no go.  This does nothing for my oily skin or my pores.  I am not going to purchase this one again, but I am going to try for normal skin to see if it works better.  Stay Tuned.  However, I am completely in love the Conceal and Perfect 2 in 1 Foundation.    It is full coverage without being heavy.  It dries down quickly, but doesn’t settle into my fine lines.  I don’t have to use a spot concealer for my blemishes.  The makeup gods are happy with this one!!  My color is currently 11 Amber.  As the winter approaches, I am sure I will have to go down a shade.  Right now Milani has 14 shades ranging from Creamy Vanilla to Golden Toffee.

Gotta love those Snapchat filters!

The cost is $9.99 USD!!!  Gotta love that!  Thank you Milani!!  You should check these out.  Currently they are sold on the Milani website and some local drugstores.  I found my at a Walgreens.


Blackberry’s Mom

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