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When the queen of all things vegan in Memphis, Bianca Philips, posted about a new vegan restaurant I was intrigued.  On her blog she shared photos of her meal at Zaka Bowl and I knew I had to go there.  It was not far from my job so I decided to go for lunch.


The staff was super nice.  Brandon explained all the steps and made my bowl for me.  I started with veggie noodles mostly made of zucchini.  I chose smoked portabella mushroom, roasted brussel sprouts and spicy roasted chickpeas as my H.I.P. (high in protein) veggies.  For my garnish I had roasted beets, roasted peppers & onions and picked jalapenos.  I also got a mango-lemonade fresh pressed juice.


They have six sauces to choose from.  I added creamy avocado and Zaka sauce on the side.  I tasted every item by itself before mixing it all together.  The portabella mushrooms stand out.  They were honestly the best flavor I have had in a mushroom.  Smoky, but not over powering.    Mushrooms can be too tough or too slimy for me.  Goldilocks would love these because they were just right!  After tasting everything, I tried the sauces.  The Zaka Sauce was the best of the two.  This surprises me because I love me some avocados.  I found when I added sauce to the bowl I didn’t enjoy it as much.  This is because the flavors of everything in the bowl was so delicious it didn’t need anything.  It was perfect on it’s own.


But that mango-lemonade tho!  Perfection!

Zaka Bowl is currently exclusive to Memphis.  It is the second restaurant by the owners of South of Beale.  If you are in Memphis or come here, make Zaka Bowl one of your stops.



Blackberry’s Mom



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