moroccan red clay mask

Our skin is the largest organ of the body.  It is the first line of defense against outside forces.  We must protect what protects us.  I have been in love with skin care for years. I believe no matter how good your makeup looks, if your skin is bad, your makeup will be bad too.  A few years ago I ordered some Moroccan Red Clay Powder from Amazon.  It was very affordable.  The first few times I used the red clay powder I mixed it with water.  I loved how smooth it made my skin feel.  Initially my face was red.  But it subsided after a few hours.  Then I saw someone on YouTube add Apple Cider Vinegar to their red clay.  Of course I had to try that.  #youtubemademedoit  The results were quit different.  Once I washed the mask off my face, several blackheads came to the surface.  This freaked me out the first time, but after 3 days my skin was the most beautiful it had ever been.


Benefits of Moroccan Red Clay Mask that I have noticed are:

  • pulls blackheads to the surface
  • exfoliates dead skin, leaving it brighter
  • detoxes skin, leaving a healthy glow



Benefits of adding Apple Cider Vinegar to the mask:

  • promotes healthy pH balance
  • removes toxins
  • helps maintain healthy skin


I have been struggling with finding a natural deodorant that actually works for me.  Since I am in the “try this one” phase, I have started using this mask under my arms as well.  I have noticed those razor burns are gone and I am not as smelly as I used to be.  Leaving me more time to find a deodorant that will work for me.

DisclaimerMake sure you try the clay on a small area of your body before using it on your face.  Everyone’s skin is different and what works for me may not work for you.



Blackberry’s Mom



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