minimalism is served

Cafe Paris – 2 serving plates, 3 dinner plates and 4 saucers

I have loved these Paris Cafe dishes for years.  I do mean years.  I bought them from Target when I was in my mid-twenties.  I am 42 now.  Lately they have been bothering me and I have not eaten on them in several weeks.  I could not figure out what was wrong.  Finally it hit me.  Visual noise.  Visual noise is anything that may distort, transform, block or add to what we see.  In my case the dishes block what I want to see.  Clean lines and no clutter.  I don’t want everything white and grey, but I also don’t want tons of dark color either.  I am finding this balance to be interesting.  It has to fit my personality, but I just can’t do with seeing clutter all the time.  The dishes make me feel cluttered.  Also the other day I was eating some sweet potato fries and I could not see the ketchup on my plate.  Not really, but you see what I mean.  I love cooking, it is a true art form to me.  I want to see everything pop off my plate, not hide in some ladies over-sized hat.  Also, because I have had them so long I no longer have a full set.  That has been bothering me too.

2 serving bowls, 3 cereal bowls, cream and sugar servers

If you have noticed all of my Instagram pictures are on white dishes.  I got them from the Dollar Tree.  Yup!  Each plate, saucer and bowl were one U.S. dollar.  I got them at the first of the year when I started this blog.  Now, they are all I use.  So why keep this visual noise, no matter how much I like them.  Because I do still like them, just not enough to hold on to them.  I am going to donate them to charity and hope they bring someone else all the joy they have given me.

4 tea cups



Blackberry’s Mom

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