me & my Happy Planner

I am a list maker.  Oh how I love that little check mark or line through that completed task.  The feeling of accomplishment brings me pure joy.  Because I am a list maker, the best part of each day is opening my day planner to see what task lie ahead of me.  Now, finding a day planner to suite my particular style is quite a task.  I am super picky.  It has to be vertical, customizable, functional and above all else, it must be pretty!!  I can’t walk around with a brown day planner.

my brand new Happy Planner

2015 I bought the Erin Condren planner for the first time.  I just remember thinking, “This is too much money for a day planner.”  But I bought it anyway.  After the first 6 weeks I just did not enjoy it.  The coil always got in my way on Wednesday.  This year I ordered from a different company.  I am not going to name them because I had to get the Better Business Bureau involved before I received my products.  Bad taste in my mouth.  As well as the same problem with Wednesday.  Stupid Coil!  I went to the local office supply store and got a different planner.  “Hated It!”

Happy Planner with Accessories

Finally I decided to do my research.  In the process I came across the website me & my BIG ideas.  First off, that name is hilarious!  It is something I always say about myself.  I also watched a few YouTube videos on how versatile this planner was.  I new this was the planner for me.  The planner is disk bound instead of coil.  This would seem like a big problem, but it is not.  You can remove the pages without tearing them.  What?!  The covers are also interchangeable and you can add pockets and/or folders.  This planner can be whatever you want it to be.  It is freaking awesome!  I choose the Botanical Garden design.  I got to use a 40% off coupon at my local Hobby Lobby.  Score!!!

Before the Ink

I love my planner.


Blackberry’s Mom

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