#makeupjunkie v. #minimalist

I don’t even recognize myself.  I mean, I see my fingers typing these words, chipped nail polish and all.  I see Blackberry running around the living room, but I just don’t believe this is me.  I just texted my cousin Paula with pictures of eyeshadows I will be passing along to her.  WHAT??!!  “Tracy don’t share makeup!” in my Joey Tribbiani voice.  As part of the 2017 #PacificaMuse Contest, the company sent a lot of makeup for me to use.  The tiny, microscopic minimalist in me kicked it.  1 in = 1 out.  Uh oh!  The huge, ginormous makeup junkie in me is confused and needs a nap.

Too Faced SemiSweet Chocolate Bar palette on top and Pacifica Solar Complete Color Mineral Palette at the bottom

I have used the Solar Complete palette for only a few days and I love it!  Love It!!  It is natural, but pigmented.  I am able to create a bold and natural look from the same palette.  I am able to do the same thing with the Semi-Sweet palette, but I don’t love it.  I have never loved it, but the makeup junkie in me kept it.

Pacifica Power Of Love palette and Miliani Bella Eyes Gel Eyeshadows in single pans

Also in my box of goodies from Pacifica was the Power Of Love Palette.  I really like my Pacifica palette.  However, I am not in love with the Milani Bella Eyes Gel Powder.  I have used them every way I know how.  My finger, synthetic brush, natural hair brush, dry brush, wet brush, sponge tip applicator.  No matter how I have tried to use them, it just does not work for me.  The only explanation I have for keeping them is #makeupjunkie.   I am passing them along to Paula as well.

Lancome in the single pan, Wet n’ Wild palette and two single pans of NYX

Here is were it gets a little tricky for me.  I love the NYX single shadows.  They are pigmented, easy to blend and have true color of pan pay-off.  So does the Lancome shadow.  It is beautiful, pigmented and easy to blend.  But, I am letting them all go.  One, Lancome is not cruelty-free and I don’t want to support that.  Two, as you can see I have several colors that dupe the single NYX shadows.  Three, palettes are easier to store than singles.  I am giving the Wet n’ Wild pallete away because I feel the same about them as I do the Milani shadows.  Just too hard to work with.

Honestly I feel no pain giving this makeup a way.  In fact I feel relieved.  I have kept things in my home that I don’t love and that’s just not who I am anymore.

My cousin Paula is one of my favorite people and I am happy to make her day!


Blackberry’s Mom

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