lunch with @facesbyseven

Last week I received an invitation from Gizelle, a local blogger, to attend an event at Joseph’s Stores.  Joseph’s is a local institution here in Memphis, TN.  For 85 years it has been the place to go for luxury fashion, jewelry and cosmetics.  On Wednesday they hosted makeup artist Seven Jones-Moore.  He is known on social media as @facesbyseven.  I asked my boss if I could take a long lunch and made my way to Joseph’s.


Seven started our session off by asking if I had any makeup concerns.  Of course I told him about my oily skin.  My makeup moves and I am an oily beast by 9 am.  He suggest I use a water based primer instead of silicone.  He explained that a water based primer would act as a moisturizer so my skin would not produce excess oil.  The silicone is acting as a bearer and when my skin produces oil, the makeup moves and my face becomes oily.  This was brand new information and a must try!

Products used by @facesbyseven at Joseph’s

Next we discussed my lack of wing liner ability.  I use pencil and liquid liner.  He suggested I try gel and then he showed me some new techniques.  He placed the brush above my very deep laugh line.  By placing the brush above, I get a much sharper line and the product doesn’t disappear when I laugh our smile.  I am too excited about my new wing liner game.

Look at that wing liner!!!

I told the photographer to photo-shop me like I had a strong contour.  Seven heard me say this and proceeded to contour me within an inch of my life.  He used a foundation stick a few shades darker than me and it blended like a dream.  He also taught me that I should highlight or contour, not both.  This really made the contour pop and I looked awesome!

Seven and I

Even more than all the tips and tricks I learned, it was a pleasure meeting Seven.  I had meet him a few minutes before my appointment at the Walgreens on the corner.  I told him that I was taking a long lunch just for him.  He is one of the most beautiful souls I have met.  If you every have the chance to meet him, you must.  This was the best lunch break I have had in a long time.  Thank you Seven.


Blackberry’s Mom


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