vegan pancakes

I LOVE PANCAKES!  Fluffy, round circles of bliss and joy.  Add fruit, syrups and whipped cream and I am pure heaven.

Because most pancakes have milk and eggs I haven’t had them very much lately.  I decided to go online to find vegan pancake recipes.  I found hundreds.  However, I didn’t have any of the ingredients in my home.  I was not going to spend my entire $25 per week grocery budget on pancake ingredients, so I had to dig a little deeper.  Most of the pancakes called for oat flour.  Why not just grind some oats?  So I did.  Most people just replace eggs with ripened bananas.  Why not just do that?  So I did.  Here is what I came up with.

vegan pancake ingredients

Vegan Pancakes

  • 2 c oatmeal flour (grind oats in blender or coffee grinder)
  • 2 ripened bananas (mashed)
  • 1 T coconut sugar
  • 1 c non-dairy milk of your choice (i used vanilla almond-coconut)
  • all the cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla you want
pancake batter

I should have mashed the bananas before mixing them into the dry ingredients, but I didn’t.  So don’t do what I did, do what I should have done.  Mash the bananas with the milk and spices.  Add the coconut sugar with the oat flour.  Now add the wet with the dry.  Full disclosure, I hate baking.  This is not baking, but it kinda is.

vegan pancakes

I added the tiniest amount of coconut oil to the pan and cooked the pancakes at a time.

vegan pancakes all done

I made a large batch so I could freeze some and have them all week.  Each day, they turned out beautifully.  They tasted a little heavier than the fluffy pancakes I am used, but they were really good.  It has the texture of a muffin.  I think I will make them this way from now own.

Vegan Pancakes with Sliced Bananas, Melted Peanut Butter, Cinnamon and Maple Syrup

I know this picture doesn’t look very good.  Just trust me, they are delish!!  I topped them with sliced bananas, melted peanut butter, maple syrup and lots of cinnamon.  Most morning I had a cup of hot tea as well.


Blackberry’s Mom

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