girl’s night out|painting with a twist

A week ago today my friends and I went to Painting With A Twist in Olive Branch, MS.  Painting With A Twist is a place you go to paint and drink wine.  This is something Rachel does all the time to relax.  But Dana and I are painting newbies.  Rachel wanted us to get together before she gets married in a few weeks.  She picked this place and I am so happy she did.

Dana is sitting next to me and half Rachel’s face is behind my crown.

I cannot stop laughing!!  This picture is so funny because this was not how we intended it be.  Somehow I snapped it before we could get ourselves together.  But honestly, this is what we look like.  We had not even had our first sip of wine yet.  Neither of us had ever been to an event like this before.  As it turns out, this is an AWESOME place!!  The host was Mandy, and Madison was her helper.  Mandy was a super dope chick with green hair and little pink bow tattoos on the back of her legs.  She was so funny and entertaining.  We listened to some great music, danced and played games.  We sipped a little wine one of the other guest graciously shared with us.  We mistakenly left our bottle at home.

Rachel, Dana, and my pictures.

After this class I see why Rachel loves to paint.  It is not a hobby I plan on taking up,  but I would love to go to this place again.  Rachel told her husband-to-be she wants to go back for her birthday.  He agreed and stated he wants to go next time too.  So we have a plan, we are all going back in October for Rachel’s birthday.  I cannot wait to see what we come up with next.  Even more, I cannot wait to see James dance!

Have you been to Painting With A Twist?


Blackberry’s Mom

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