chickpea salad

When I started eating vegan I never really missed foods.  That is because I ate a lot of processed foods that take the place of meats, cheese, etc.  However, since moving to a more plant based diet, I now find myself missing quit a few things.  But that is where the fun and magic comes in.  I get to be more creative!  I love going into the kitchen and create a dish based on my taste buds.  YUM!  Chickpea Salad is one of those things.  I have been craving chicken salad and Chickpea Salad is the closet thing.  Today I am sharing a basic recipe with you.  This recipe is only a suggestion.  I think you should take the basics and make it your own.  Toucan Sam follows his nose.  You should follow your taste buds.

I had a bag of dried chickpeas (garbanzo beans) in my pantry.  This is a more frugal option than buying them in a can.  I sorted them, soaked them overnight, rinsed them and cooked them on the stove with water.  It took about 1.5 hours before they were ready.  I didn’t add anything to the pot, not even salt.  I knew I would make them different ways during the week and didn’t want to ruin one recipe for another.  I roasted a few and made hummus with a few.

Mashed Chickpeas

What was left I mashed with fork in a bowl.  Then I added some chopped onion, vegan mayo, spicy mustard, pickle relish, salt, pepper and lots of spices and seasonings.  I also like to add a squeeze of lemon, diced celery and carrots.  But this day I had none of these items.  Also, if you know how to make your own vegan mayo this would be a great recipe to use it in.

Cucumbers topped with Chickpea Salad

I like to top cucumbers with it.  I also make sandwiches with it.  But my favorite way is to use it as a salad with fresh veggies like spinach, local tomatoes and cucumbers.  Simple, easy taste.

Chickpea Salad over Spinach with Local Tomatoes and Cucumbers

Chickpea Salad

2 c mashed chickpeas

2 T. vegan mayo

2 t. spicy mustard

1 T. sweet pickle relish

1/4 small chopped onion (red or green are best)

1/4 c celery and carrot (if you have them)

Salt & Pepper to taste

Squeeze of 1/2 a lemon

Whatever spices and seasonings you like.  I used Bragg’s Seasoning, cumin, and cayenne.

Combine all in a bowl and chill for a few hours.  Serve when ready.

This also stores well.  This portion will last me over three days.


Blackberry’s Mom

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