eats|Kite Hill Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli

Vegan cheese is some of the worst tasting “stuff” in the world.  I have tried to write that sentence a different way 15 times.  That’s just the only way I can say it.  It’s awful!  And I have tried a lot of it over the last 2 years.  Recently, I saw an article about Kite Hill.  The article showed a quick video on how they make nut milk cheese in the same process of cow milk cheese.  “Crazy people say whaaaat?”  Of course I went straight to the Kite Hill website to see if it was sold in Memphis.  Whole Foods Market near my home sold it.  I picked up some Chive Cream Cheese Style Spread.  My bagels have never been happier.  I could not believe how wonderful this cheese taste!  It was smooth, creamy and a little tangy.  Just how I like my cream cheese.  I raved about this to everyone I knew.  My aunt Mercedes is very allergic to dairy products.  She reluctantly tried it and loved it!!  She is a regular Kite Hill customer now.

Kite Hill Ravioli Made with Almond Milk Ricotta

I have been craving pasta like crazy lately.  I had seen that Kite Hill sold Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli.  Back to Whole Foods I went on a vegan ravioli quest.  I was in luck, they had it.  The package had 11 ravioli and suggest boiling it in salted water for 4-6 minutes.  I went right down the middle for 5 minutes.

Kite Hill Spinach Ricotta Ravioli with Red Sauce

The first 4 I ate with red pasta sauce.  I feel this was a mistake because the sauce overpowered the ravioli and I could not get a good taste on it.

Kite Hill Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli drizzled with Olive Oil, and a sprinkle of black pepper and dried oregano

The second 4 I ate with dried oregano, fresh cracked black pepper and a drizzle of olive oil.  Perfect!  The pasta was al dente, even after heating it in the microwave.  The spinach was fresh, I could taste a hint of garlic, but not too much.  This is how I ate the last 3 pieces as well.

This was a really great find.  If you are allergic to dairy or vegan, you should pick these up!!


Blackberry’s Mom


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