What I Ate Wednesday

I have begun to make some necessary changes in my life.  My budget and nutrition being two of those things.  Moving plant based for my nutrition and trying to eat within a budget.   Here is my first real attempt at it.

Lemon/Ginger Water – $.30

I start each day with lemon/ginger water.  It is a great detoxifier and it wakes me up.

Breakfast – $.87

Breakfast at my desk consists of Shredded Wheat (free) with almond milk ($.62), sliced almonds (pennies), half a banana ($.25) and lots of cinnamon (pennies).  The Shredded Wheat were free because my boss both them to feed the geese.  After one feeding the geese were relocated, leaving the cereal.  I took it.  I am counting pennies for the almonds because only used a few, have had them for a while and I don’t remember how much I paid for them.

Lunch – $1.70

I had a yummy salad for lunch.  Romaine lettuce ($.67), spinach ($.50), roma tomato ($.09), avocado ($.44), vegetarian re-fried beans (free), rice (free).  The beans and rice were a gift from my cousin Paula!  I also had a bottle of water (free) provided by my employer.

Snack – $3.50

Blueberries and watermelon for a snack, plus another bottle of water (free).

Dinner – $2.57



This is my amazing dinner.  Half a baked sweet potato($.63), roasted chickpeas ($.50), sauteed garlic (pennies), sauteed onion ($.30), mushroom ($.70), spinach ($.50).  On the side I had tomato ($.09) and cucumber (free from my coworkers garden).

I am surprised at how much food I ate without breaking the bank!  I eat a total of $8.94.  Less than $10.00!!  I was full after each main meal and satisfied after my snack.  This blog post was more of an experiment for me.  I am excited to see what I come up with next time.



Blackberry’s Mom

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