$50 plant based grocery haul

I was very excited to grocery shop today.  My budget for this week is $50!!!  The last 3 weeks it has been $35 per week.  Here is what I got.

Cooper-Young Farmers Market

No matter the budget, my first stop is always the farmers market.  I do find that some things cost more at the market.  However, you get what you pay for.  If you want local, organic goods, go to the market.  Meet the farmers, the person that grew what is about to nourish your body.  This is the most important thing you can do for yourself, your family and community.

Cooper-Young Farmers Market

blueberries – $4

squash – $2

onion – $1.50

potatoes – $1.50

flower – $1



My second stop is usually Aldi grocery store.  I like to see what they have before going to the more expensive “big box” store.


frozen organic strawberries – $2.79

organic baby spinach – $1.99

crushed tomatoes – $.95

organic tomato sauce – $.79

fire roasted tomatoes – $.89

organic diced tomatoes – $1.49

tomato paste – $.39

plastic bags – $.20

TOTAL $10.18

I got the plastic bags for the lady in front of me.  She watched my basket while I ran to car for my money.


And lastly I went to Kroger.   A more conventional grocery store where the prices are higher.


frozen sweet corn – $2 ($1 ea)

frozen green peas – $1

2 lbs. bananas – $1.48

baby bella mushrooms – $2.79

romaine lettuce – $3.99

arborio rice – $2.09

personal watermelon – $2.49

2 granny smith apples – $1.00

2 lemons – $1.38

sweet potato – $1.26

Califia almond milk – $3.69

2 avocados – $1.76

2 roma tomatoes – $.36

2 limes – $.50

TOTAL $27.66

It looks like I was not charged for the popcorn.  I could not get any out of the container at the store.  GRAND TOTAL $47.84!!  In Memphis, TN we pay 9% tax on food.  I believe it’s gonna be a really good week.  Come back Wednesday to see what I eat in a day with these yummy goodies!


Blackberry’s Mom

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