Minimalist Curious

I just added a new board on Pintrest, “Minimalist Curious”. The truth is I am more then curious.  I have no sense of organization and I am not really sure how to clean. My mother blames herself. Whenever she visits me she says, “It’s my fault. I never taught you how to clean.”  My first year of high school I was diagnosed with TMJ Syndrome and was home schooled my eleventh and twelfth grade year.  I had suffered with that condition for many years.  Mom says those are the years you teach your children the true meaning of cleaning and organization.  In theory I like that she takes responsibility for my incompetence.  But I’m a grown ass women now. The foolishness I’m living in is my fault.

My Office/Closet/Beauty Room

This is what my entire house looked liked. This picture is from today.  You see how much help I need?!

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

Desperate to change my life, I started doing research online. The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo came up over and over again. I gave in and bought the book. “I’m not alone!! I’m not crazy!! I really don’t know how to clean up!!”  This book literally had me jumping for joy. I have found the “holy grail”. Just reading this book changed my life.


My bedroom after the KonMari Method


This is what my bedroom looks like today. Minimal. Sure, I have a lot more to do before it is my version of perfect.  But I love this room. As soon as I walk in this room my body temperature lowers, I become calm and I smile. I smile!  This is huge for me. I smile. So you see I am “minimalist curious” because of the “feelings” I have when I walk into my minimalist bedroom. Although I am truly and utter mortified to show you my extra room. I am proud of this bedroom and curious about the rest of my home being this way. So on the first day of every month I will share with you my minimalist journey. Once I’m done I’ll have mom over. She will be able to let herself off the hook.


Blackberry’s Mom

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