eats|Tofurkey Artisan Sausage (Spinach Pesto)

It has been over a year since I became vegan.  At first my meat cravings were crazy strong.  I ate a lot of “faux meat” to combat these cravings.  However, since starting this blog in January I have been cooking for myself a lot more and not having nearly as many cravings.  But for the last two weeks I have been really, really wanting a good meaty pasta dish.  The first one I made was with  spaghetti squash and mushrooms.  That did not hit the spot at all.  On my second attempt, I used quinoa pasta and more mushrooms and added a few green lentils.  Although this was quite delicious, it didn’t hit the spot either.


Because I have been eating mostly plant-based lately, I decided to indulge my cravings.  I saw this Tofurky Sausage with Spinach Pesto and it sounded so good I had to give it a try!  There are four nice size links in a package.  I used two “sausage” links, since I cooking enough pasta for 4 to 5 meals.  I cooked a few pieces in a non-stick pan just to get the true flavor.  They tasted like real sausage!  This always freaks me out.  I read all the ingredients at the grocery store, but the taste made me read them again.  I got a strong flavor of Parmesan cheese.  The spinach pesto gave the “sausage” a really good pasta worthy flavor.

Tofurky Sausage with other veggies

I am not usually a Tofurky brand fan, but this item was a pleasant surprise.  I added mushroom, spinach, onion, and bell pepper to make my perfect pasta.

My Perfect Pasta

If you are giving in to an indulgence, the Tofurky Artisan Sausage with Spinach Pesto is not a bad choice.


Blackberry’s Mom

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