grilled cabbage

Yesterday was my most favorite day of the year, Father’s Day!  My dad is a really cool guy.  He is funny, understanding and kind.  All the things a Father should be.  My dad is also a pretty good cook.  He loves food and will try anything once.  I get that from him.  We had a barbecue at his house yesterday.  My sister had been raving about his grilled cabbage.  “What?  Grilled cabbage?”  She was super excited.

Green Cabbage 

We went to the store and she picked the perfect cabbage.  Once we got home she scored it in preparation for Dad’s magic.  Dad added butter to most of the cuts.  He left a third without butter for me.  He also add seasoned salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder and beer.  Yes, he add some Bud Light.  Ha!

Dad and the Grilled Cabbage

He wrapped the cabbage in foil and placed it on the grill.  He added mesquite wood to his charcoal and let the flames do it’s work!

Grilled Cabbage

What you get is is the beautifully, smoked ball of goodness!!  The flavors in the cabbage were unlike anything I have ever tasted before.  My sister-in-law said, “Why would you ever put this on the stove.”  I fear I am forever ruined from cooking a cabbage on the stove, ever again.  This is one of the most wonderful dishes I have ever tried.  As a vegan, I would of course skip the butter all together.  My side tested different from their side (according to dad), but it was good too me.

Have you ever had grilled cabbage?


Blackberry’s Mom


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