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I shared with you some of my experience in Oklahoma.  I was there to see my best friend’s niece graduate high school.  Graduations are a big deal, I just didn’t want to miss this moment.  Autumn is such a beautiful, kind and smart young lady.  I felt I had to share in this special occasion with her.

624 Kitchen and Catering is located on Boston Street

The graduation was at 10 am, so all in attendance got to have lunch at 624 Kitchen and Catering.  This space is so elegant.  Beautiful floors, ornate ceiling and large windows pouring in tons of Oklahoma sunlight.  Even the restroom was nice.  I only mention this because Alijah, Brandy’s daughter, brought it up later.  I agreed with her.

Cauliflower Steak with Roasted Mushrooms and Vegan Gravy

The lunch was an omelet bar.  Watching the chef make 3 omelets at a time was quite fascinating.  There were also lots of pastries, potatoes, and maple bacon.  None of which will work with my vegan needs.  I decided to settle on a large fruit plate when Autumn’s mom asked for the chef.  “Talk to him and tell him what you want.  He can make you something else.” she said.  “Uhm, okay.”  Chef David came out and we had a brief conversation.  He asked what I wanted, I asked what he had.  “I have a ton of veggies back there.  I can make you cauliflower steak.”  “Really?  Will you?  Do you have some mushrooms and can you make some vegan gravy?” I asked.  “Yes.  It will take a few minutes.”  I gave him a big hug!  The flavors were delicious.  I savored every piece trying to recreate the recipe in my mind.  There was thyme, rosemary, and fresh cracked black pepper dancing all around my mouth.  The vegetables were perfectly roasted and the gravy… oh the gravy.  Just Yum!  Is that a sentence?  I don’t care, it was all just yum!  Make reservations at 624 Kitchen and Catering.  Allow the staff to create a culinary dance in your mouth.  Thank me later.

Congratulations Autumn!!


Blackberry’s Mom


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