eating vegan @|Coffee House On Cherry Street

I was in Oklahoma all weekend.  It was my first time there and I loved every minute of it.  It’s where my best friend Brandy grew up and her family still leaves there.  We went for her niece, Autumn, high school graduation.  I still can’t believe she graduated.  I feel like I am getting younger, but all the kids around me are getting older.  I will tell you more about Autumn in a later post.  Yesterday was Francesca’s (Autumn’s sister) birthday!  She is also getting older.  15 years older to be exact.  And when you are in your teenage years, you must be exact.  Frannie has always been one of my favorite people.  I remember several years ago when I showed her a tattoo I had just gotten.  It is located on my hip (butt), she was so fascinated she was about to touch it.  This was perfectly okay with me, but her mother screamed, “DON’T TOUCH IT!”  Ha!  Frannie wanted a birthday breakfast at her favorite coffee house,  C.H.O.C.S., the Coffee House On Cherry Street in Tulsa, OK.  It was a breakfast buffet on the front porch.  How cool is that?!  There were only two items on the buffet that fit my dietary needs, so Frannie’s mom suggested I go inside and place an order.  Having no idea what I should order the Barista had one of the chef’s to come out.  Her name is Savannah and she is also vegan.  Score!  Savannah went over several menu items that were not just fruit.

Vegan Pumpkin Muffin

She had oatmeal, tabulah (that looked delish!), and two kinds of vegan muffins.  I settled on the Vegan Pumpkin Muffin.  I am not generally a fan of pumpkin, so I am not sure why I choose it, but I am glad I did.  It was huge!  I had them warm it for me because I was expecting it to be dense and not easy to eat.  It was the exact opposite.  It was soft and fluffy on the inside.  Not too much pumpkin and lots of cinnamon.  The top was crumbly and sweet.  It is a really good muffin!!

Coconut Oolong Tea

I had Frannie’s dad order me a cup of Coconut Oolong Tea.  Honestly, I have never heard of coconut oolong before.  I thought the name was cool and wanted to tell people what it was.  Of course, Brandy called me out on it.  “What is oolong?” she said.  “I don’t know.” I replied and we both had a best friend laugh.  Let me just say, whatever this coconut oolong tea is, you must try it!!  You should try it for the aroma alone.  I was so fascinated by the scent I had everyone sniffing my tea.  Of course, Frannie was one of my first sniffer.  I tell you I love this girl!!!

Fresh Fruit and Fried Potatoes

In addition to the muffin and tea, I had the two items from the buffet that I could eat.  Fresh fruit and potatoes.  These two these are technically no big deal, but they were both really good.  The potatoes were fried, but not swimming in oil.  And, even though there were sitting the buffet warmer, they were not soggy.  I feel that this takes skill.  I am not able to do that.

If you are ever in the Tulsa area you should visit them.  You will not be disappointed.


Blackberry’s Mom

4 thoughts on “eating vegan @|Coffee House On Cherry Street

  1. Okay, I have never heard of pumpkin muffin but it sounds interesting and I would love to try one! And I have also never tried to combine potatoes with fruit, that sounds even more interesting 🙂


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