My First Vegan Tattoo


I got my first tattoo about 10 years ago. My favorite human (little cousin Sam) wanted one and I said I would get one if he got one. His mother didn’t want to see him get the tattoo so I took him. I started to chicken out while there and Sam told me to pull it together. Pull it together I did and got a really great butterfly on my bum.


I’ve been wanting a tattoo for years since but just haven’t gotten it. Today is my 42nd birthday and time to jump in.  I found Underground Art on Instagram. They mentioned having vegan ink options. Whaaaaat?!!!!

“as I am” by Allison Duckett with Underground Art

I saw Allison on the website and she was wearing blue lipstick. This is the chick that must tattoo me. I went to meet with her and she was as cool as her photo. We made the appointment for my birthday. I was never nervous, until she turned on the needle. Phew!!!  Allison and I started talking about veganisn and all the fears went away. She is a really dope chick and I love my tattoo.

Vegan Ink by Eternal Ink


Blackberry’s Mom

4 thoughts on “My First Vegan Tattoo

  1. I love the tattoo! So simple but yet so beautiful! I have wanted to get a butterfly tattoo for ages and your butterfly looks really nice 🙂 Congrats!


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