eating vegan @ | Mid-South Food Truck Festival

I know this blog must seem quite repetitive.  Vegan food… Food Trucks… Tacos… Memphis…  BUT, this blog is about what I love and I love all these things.  When 3 out of the 4 collide I have to share that!

Mid-South Food Truck Festival Map + Truck and Vendor List

This Saturday was the Mid-South Food Truck Festival in Memphis, TN.  WHAT?!?!?!?!  77 Food Trucks!!!!  This was the second year for the event.  Last year was hectic and not very well organized.  However, that did not stop me for attending this years event.  Like I said these are some of the things I love, so I was willing to give it another chance.  I am so happy I did!  This year was the exact opposite of last year.  It was bigger, much more planned and thought out.

The shirt with the yellow truck is from this year.

I had two goals this year: 1. not eat at a Food Truck I had eaten before. 2. eat vegan.  This turned out to be much easier than I thought it would.  There were no vegan food trucks, but other trucks were willing to make adjustments for me.

Veggie Burger from Eric’s Grill and Catering

Like my first truck, Eric’s Grill and Catering.  The lady at the window did not know if the burgers were vegan so I spoke with Eric.  They were vegan and he would cook it in a skillet instead of the grill so it would not be cross contaminated.  How nice was that?!!  When Eric served me the burger it was on a bun toasted with butter.  I removed the bun and at the burger with a fork.  I had him load it with shredded lettuce, sliced tomato, lots of dill pickles and mustard.  This is just the way I ate my burgers when I was a meat eater.  The burger was made of broccoli, carrots, spinach and edamame.  That is what I could see anyway.  It was nice an crispy on the outside an tender on the inside.  I really enjoyed it.

Asian Donuts from the Rice Burner

My second stop was the Rice Burner.  It was an Asian food truck with lots of rice dishes.  They had something called Pecan Pie Egg Rolls.  That sounds really yummy, but I opted for the Asian Donuts. I got 3 freshly fried donuts covered with cinnamon and sugar.

Popsicles from MEMPOPS – L. Spicy Pineapple & R. Dulce De Leche

2 hours after eating the donuts I wanted more desserts.  So my little cousin and I stopped by MEMPOPS.  I have been following them on Facebook and was so happy they were there.  They had several vegan options.  I settled on the Spicy Pineapple.  This was just the right amount of sweet and spicy.  I gave them my vote for People’s Choice.

My Happy Face

I love Memphis!  Not a cloud in the sky.  I got a tan, ate some great food and spent the day with my little cousin.  Saturday was a perfect day.


Blackberry’s Mom

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