vegan fish tacos!

FELIZ CINCO DE MAYO!!!  and that is all the Spanish I know.

You all know that tacos are my favorite food.  The first time I heard about fish tacos I was completely grossed out.  “Who in the hell would eat fish tacos?!”  My friend Gelina took me to a Mexican restaurant downtown called Rio Loco.  She ordered fish tacos made with tilapia and the house white cheese sauce on top.  It sounded and looked disgusting.  I tried them only because I wanted to know for sure they were truly disgusting.  They were not disgusting.  They were in fact, delicious!  It turns out “I, in the hell would eat fish tacos”.  I have been eating them ever since.

Gardein Golden Fishless Filets

Now that I only eat vegan there is not reason to give up one of my favorite foods.  Gardein Golden Fishless Filets makes it tasty and easy!  Every time I eat these fishless filets I have to read the back of the bag.  You will not believe how much they taste like real fish!  It really freaks me out how much they taste like fish!

Gardein Golden Fish Filets

When you cook them, they look like store-bought fish filets.  They are crispy and golden on the outside, while being flaky and “fishy” on the inside.  If you are from Europe I can imagine these are pretty close to proper fish and chips style fish.  In my mind anyway.

Vegan Fish Taco Ingredients

You can make your vegan fish tacos anyway you want.  Just use your imagination.  Here is how I make mine.

Blackberry’s Mom Vegan Fish Tacos

Blackberry’s Mom Vegan Fish Tacos

2 Gardein Fishless Filets (cook according to package directions)

1 c. coleslaw

1 T. vegan mayo

1 t. pickled relish

1 t. spicy mustard

4 corn tortillas (warmed)

1/2 sliced avocado

sliced jalapeno


In a small bowl combine coleslaw, mayo, relish and mustard.  Once the “fish” is done, chop into chucks and place on warmed tortilla.  Add coleslaw mix over fish and top with avocado.  Garnish with jalapeno slices and cilantro.  Enjoy!!

Blackberry’s Mom Vegan Fish Tacos


Blackberry’s Mom

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