Memphis Farmers Market

If you follow me on Instagram, you know the Memphis Farmers Market is #myhappyplace!!  The Memphis area has several markets, but there is just something about the one in Downtown Memphis that makes me smile and light up inside.

Blackberry and Mom!!

Pets are not allowed under the “Green Pavilion”, so the market offers free pet-sitting. I love this because I get to bring my little monkey.  She loves meeting other fur-children and playing in the sun.

Fuel Cafe Food Truck

After I drop Blackberry off I make my way to the food trucks.  If you have been following this blog you know I have a serious love affair with food trucks.  The affair started at the farmers market.  The first one I ever ate with is Fuel Cafe.  This was years ago before I started eating vegan.  I would always get Chicken Tacos add avocado and large Hibiscus Sweet Tea.  That was my jam!!  One day (before vegan) I decided to try the vegan tacos.  Lord Have Mercy!!  They are delicious.  I still add avocado and have a large Hibiscus Sweet Tea.  It’s like a little bit of heaven on a Saturday Morning.

Memphis Farmers Market $5 Token

I am always forgetting to bring some cash.  Some of the vendors at the market are small farmers and don’t have credit/debit card access for payment. No problem!  Just go to the information desk and swipe your card with them.  For a small fee you will get these tokens that all the vendors use.  They are sold in $5 increments and if you spend less than $5 the vendor will give you change in cash.  This is a beautiful system and I am so happy they have it.

Rainbow Swiss Chard from Whitton Farms

The beauty of the produce at the market is second to none!!  I love shaking the hands of the person that nurtured and grew my food.  It is a personal touch you don’t get at the grocery store.  You get to learn about the seeds, the soil and the harvest of what you are feeding yourself and your family.  Also, they always have a new way for me to cook the item I purchase.

Farmers Market Haul

There is more than just produce.  You get handmade foods and goods for the entire family.  Blackberry loves the treats from Farm House Barkery.  The breads at Cucina Breads are the best I have ever had.  All of them are vegan except two flavors.  That little spoon you see has become my favorite thing in my kitchen.  It is a large tablespoon and it was handmade by Dennis.  I learned a lot about woodworking that day.  The granola bar is from So Fresh Mobile Juice Bar.  Chris runs the truck and I look forward to seeing him every week.  The granola bar is chewy and peanut-buttery just like I like them.  You can see the Memphis Farmers Market here you my YouTube Channel.

I hope this post inspires you to explore  your local Farmers Market.


Blackberry’s Mom

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